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Drug dealers and thieves brought down by Viseum CCTV

Wednesday April 03, 2014

Advanced PTZ cameras made by Viseum have been endorsed by Intelligent CCTV Specialists, a law enforcement agency, following several successful convictions.

The cameras were deployed across the UK to watch suspected drug dealers, sex offenders and thieves in some of the country’s highest crime areas.

"A key advantage as a crime fighting tool"
Following weeks of surveillance using the cameras, Intelligent CCTV said the the models' ability to move themselves was a “key advantage as a crime fighting tool.”

Viseum’s Intelligent PTZ Array was used for several projects that concluded in convictions.

These included a group of suspected drug dealers who were also thought to be organising fights at a specific location. Following surveillance, members of the group were arrested and later convicted. There have been no sightings of the gang members or their associates in the area since the operation, Viseum said.

Successful convictions


In another project, three Viseum cameras were deployed over one month to watch over a common. They were used specifically to watch a suspect who was sexually assaulting females in the area.

While there were no lamp posts with power adapters for the CCTV deployable cameras, three models fitted just off the common focussed on routes leading into and away from the area. The PTZ on each camera allowed for complete close-up coverage, leading to the arrest and charge of a 13-year-old on multiple offences of sexual assault.

Evidence from Viseum cameras also helped to identify a vehicle that a gang had been using to steal motorcycles. The vehicle was later found abandoned and was examined for intelligence on the gang before it was crushed.

Black spots covered by Viseum


Another project using two cameras involved the arrest of a suspect known as the ‘Slit Throat Robber’, who was committing his crimes in an area that was in a CCTV black spot.

However, CCTV by Viseum was able to cover areas that had previously been difficult to watch, the CCTV company said

“Viseum cameras were able to easily cover the area, gathering intelligence on the pedestrian traffic. This allowed for the suspect to be arrested as a result of the victim identifying him from images seen from Viseum’s intelligence.”

In a separate project, cameras were deployed to try and catch a number of suspects targeting a food and off licence store. The thieves had managed to get away without being caught due to cover offered by four side roads and a petrol station. However, a suspect nearby who had been watching the incident closely, had walked a circuit of the area. The Viseum camera, picking up on his movements, automatically followed him.

How it works
Viseum's intelligent moving camera consists of the Intelligent PTZ camera Array and an advanced DVR camera controller. It has been designed so that it can be configured and bought for entry level or full panorama coverage, and can watch an area the size of 14 football pitches, according to the company.

Speaking about the company's successes, Viseum’s Stuart Thompson said: “Viseum PTZ cameras have delivered consistently strong performances in situations where there is a need for CCTV.

"The news that Viseum’s multipurpose PTZ cameras have now won the approval of an international law enforcement agency, which found that four Viseum PTZ cameras were as effective as at least 20 units of other types of advanced PTZ camera, combined with our high standard of technical support, only affirms the status of the Viseum Intelligent PTZ Camera Array as the complete CCTV package.”

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